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Polochema (Polochemicals and Raw Materials Co., Ltd) . was founded by our chairman, Mr. CJ Chen, in 1988. Before that, Mr. Chen has been in the industry for more than 15 years. We started from offering plastics and rubbers for customer's applications, as the time goes by, customers are satisfied with our service, and ask us to extend our product line from basic resins to various lines, which includes additives, basic industrial chemicals and certain specialties.

Our growth, on one hand is contribute by customers' satisfaction with our service, while ultimately, on the other hand, are mainly attribute by our continuously efforts devoted into our services. We collect the right sources/customers; keep close attentionon all the market movement and update timely to our customers. We also collect all the resources and parties in the industry and organized a system that can offer the best service( efficient, effective, consistent and reliable ) to our customers.

Our core thinking in mind is to
a. Think what are customers' needs.
b. Offer the services that are vital to customers.
c. Create the values that are beneficial to customers.
d. Create a structured and systematic approach to help our customer to build up their sourcing and distribution network.
Now we have been developed into being a full package supplier/trader, by offering total solution to meet customers' varieties of need. Per our structured and well organized system we are expecting a multiple growth accompanied with the fast growth in Asian market. Per our projection, for the next 8-10 years, we will extend this platform to include 500+ suppliers and 10,000 buyers and create the transaction up to $3 billion p.a. by 2015.
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